Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A big thank you

Hey guys,

I don't sell these contacts, but I'd like to post a few reviews from people who have used them.

"My review: I've worn contacts for 40 years and had these Oasys Hydraclear Plus for about six months now. They are the most comfortable lens I've ever had right from the start. I drive truck and have always had problem with dry eyes couldn't wait to get home to take them out. I start work at midnight and have lots of 12 to14 hour days, somtimes I'll wear them for 24 hour when we go out and even forget that I have them in. Great investment for me."
"My review: I've worn glasses for the past 2 years already, so I decided to get contacts. I love these! They are very comfy & it I can't even feel them at all. Putting them in takes no more than a minute because of the light blue tint, I can see where it's going! These contacts are worth it."
"My review: Comfortable, UV Protection, Wearing sixteen hours per day, Best lenses ever, I have been wearing contacts for 50 years."